​Effective March 31, 2020, I am closing my practice due to relocation.  I will no longer be available to provide neurological services at the office located in Torrance, California after the date.

It is advised for patients to arrange to have another physician take care of the neurological care needs. If patient is not acquainted with a neurologist, he/she may use his/her insurance company's provider directory, check with the hospital's physician referral service, or consult his/her primary care physician.

I  would like to thank the patients for their patience and cooperation with me over the past many years.  I wish them all the best for their future health and happiness.

Tim Cha, MD

Tim K Cha MD, Neurology 

Medical Corporation

Phone: 310.372.2821   

Here is the direction that you should follow:

1. Fill the Medical Records Release Authorization Form.

   Medical Record Release Authorization Form-- Release FROM Dr. Cha.pdf

2. Print it out.

3. Sign on it with date.

4. Scan and save the signed form in your computer, and go to the "Contact Us" page of this website, and then upload it through pressing the button of "Choose File."

5. Once we receive the Authorization form from you, we will transfer the records within 15 days in your choice of various ways as follows:

    mail a copy of your records to the address you designated;

    fax it to the number if you provided it in the form; or

    email to your preferred email address.

    If you have not received it within 15 days from your request date, please remind us through the

    website mail again and let us know about it.  Thank you.